Wednesday, March 11, 2009

No Hard Choices

The $410B omnibus bill represents everything wrong with Congress, starting with an utter disregard for the state of the economy and the taxpayers enduring it. Mitch McConnell details the many reasonable and intelligent amendments (one humbly asked that money given to the reconstruction effort in Gaza be monitored so as not to fall into the hands of Hamas) proposed by Senate Republicans, all of which were summarily dismissed by the Democratic leadership in favor of an unrestrained, irresponsible and blatantly socialist spending spree with money which does not exist (except in the future paychecks of hardworking American families).

The Democrats refuse to make any hard choices based in reality, and so have ultimately made the hardest choice of all--to transform our country into a mindless welfare state. This choice won't be so hard for the elites at the top, but the consequences will become all too clear for those struggling at the bottom, who will lose both the freedom and ability to improve their lives.

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