Monday, March 2, 2009

Rush's Response to Michael Steele

Rush had a great speech at CPAC in which he defined true conservatism. As you may have heard, Michael Steele, RNC Chairman, got challenged the comment on Rush's speech. He ended up saying that Rush is just and "entertainer" and that his rhetoric is "incendiary . . . ugly." Today, Rush responded with more than his usual wit and wisdom. Rush concludes by saying that a great conservative awakening is at hand. I have my doubts, but it sounds good! Anyway, read the response--it's vintage Rush.

Also, Karen and I wanted Ken Blackwell for RNC Chairman. Why does nobody ever listen to us?!?


todd said...

All in all - a healthy exchange between the two. As for Rush's comments being brilliant or something I think otherwise. In fact most of it just appeals to the "Entertainment" value of his show as was the classification by Steele in the first place. It certainly doesn't unite the cause -- makes it seems further like they don't share one.

Sadly, it appears neither one of these guys (esp Steele) can bring any conservative influence to bear on the current social-state agenda in Washington.

Karen said...

It looks like they don't share an agenda because they don't share the same agenda.

I've never been the rah-rah Rush supporter that Philip is but, in this case, Rush is absolutely right and Steele is a huge disappointment. So much for strong leadership.

The Republican Party is quickly becoming irrelevant. Maybe the sooner, the better?