Friday, April 17, 2009

Goldberg on DHS Report

Janet Napolitano's recent report on the rise of so-called right-wing extremists contains large amounts of speculation and demonization and an absurdly small number of facts. As Jonah Goldberg points out:

The problem with it is that it makes little effort to document or demonstrate its contention that “extremist” groups are resurgent, that they are right-wing, or that they may be formed from the ranks of “disgruntled military veterans.” Worse, it’s very sloppy about what qualifies someone as “extremist” in the first place. Basically, it’s fancy bureaucratese for: We’re guessing bad people will do bad things because the economy is bad and the president is black. But we have no real evidence.

This report reminds me of the old Jeff Foxworthy routine: If you've ever opposed abortion, you might be a terrorist. If you support states rights, you might be a terrorist. If you've ever been too drunk to fish . . . you get the idea. If you haven't read Liberal Fascism yet, what are you waiting for?

Also: Michelle Malkin has a great letter sent to Napolitano by a group of Senators.

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