Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tax Day Tea Party

April 15 has become a sort of anti-holiday in this country. Why not celebrate by attending your local Tax Day Tea Party? Here in Cincinnati the plan is to meet at Fountain Square at 11:30 and march to City Hall at 12:00. I know that some of you missed the Tea Party in March with over 5,000 people. Don't miss this one! If we get enough people to RSVP, we might get Glenn Beck to broadcast from the rally! Check out the Cincinnati Tea Party website for more details. If you live somewhere else, there might still be a Tea Party near you--over 350 cities are already committed.

We can't veto legislation. We can hardly filibuster in Congress. But we can exercise our First Amendment right to peaceably assemble to protest the fast-tracking of socialism in America. Let's not go down without a fight. See you on April 15th!

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