Sunday, May 3, 2009

"Global Warming" Is Over

The actual phrase "global warming", that is. The whole wacko movement bent on the destruction of your modern way of life because of made-up "science"? That's still going strong. Only the names have been changed to hide the guilty. According to the NYT (of all people), environmentalists want to trade in a lot of the old, clunky words and phrases (e.g., "the environment") for fresh, hip lingo (e.g., "the air we breathe, the water our children drink"). This is one of the reasons why we hear a lot more about the craftily ambiguous "climate change" than we do about the embarrassingly unreal "global warming."

Of course, the Times has to make everything "fair" by pointing out that evil oil companies and Republicans do the same thing all the time--always looking for a way to trick people into buying into their diabolical schemes [insert sinister laugh here]. The answer to all this Orwellian newspeak is to properly educate people to think, something that can be done in spite of public indoctrination via schools and media. The fact that "global warming" has become code for "we're going to tax you into oblivion based on a fairytale" shows that the battle is far from lost.

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