Friday, February 12, 2010

Obama's Reality Problem

Rich Lowry surveys the wreckage that is the Obama presidency. Obama's real problem lies in his profound misconceptions about the major issues of our day. This could be disguised with hopeful rhetoric on the campaign trail, but in the end, real policies must be adopted.

Obama came to office under fundamental misapprehensions that hamper him still. It's not true that all that was keeping the Israelis and Palestinians apart was the lack of US engagement, or that the Iranians were amenable to getting talked out of their nuclear program, or that Guantanamo Bay was a pointless contrivance.

Nor is it true that government is a sustainable source of economic growth, or a more efficient allocator of capital than the market. This is why Obama's stimulus program -- inevitably, a dog's breakfast of politically driven priorities -- is such a shambles that his aides never utter the word "stimulus" anymore. It is on to the next program, a nearly $100 billion "jobs" bill that reflects the touching belief that to work as intended a program only has to be named appropriately.

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