Monday, March 22, 2010

Health Care Repeal Movement: Day 1

I've spent the last several weeks entranced (and sickened) by the utter disregard for the laws and people of our country by the Democrats in Washington. I've spent the last several hours numbed by the enormity of the hijacking that took place in the House yesterday. Now, my mind is focused on the future. Today's NRO Symposium deals with what we can expect in the future and how we should begin to move forward. So far, Michael G. Franc sums up my feelings best:

Just as the Dred Scott decision inspired the creation of the abolition movement, and Roe the pro-life crusade that continues to this day (especially this day!), today’s passage of the single most significant expansion of the government’s role in our lives marks the first day of a new political order. That the 2010 elections will be a national referendum on one word — “repeal” — is a certainty. Voters will want to know how politicians running at both the federal and state levels stand on one overriding question: Are you for or against repeal? No one will have to ask what it is they want repealed.
. . .

The good news for conservatives is that the natural instincts of the American citizenry lie firmly with the values that animated the Founding Fathers, and therefore with us — a government of limited power; a nation of laws and not of men, where the spirit of entrepreneurship is honored and encouraged; and a government that recognizes that the most important institutions in our society are families, churches, communities, and then, and only then, government.

Today is the first day of a new political age: the national health care repeal movement has begun!

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